Holly and Lola

Thank you for letting me share my two bichons with all of you. My Holly passed in April 2011 and I picked up little Lola May 5th of that same year because I could not stand another day without a bichon. Lola is such a good little girl and has a very sweet disposition.

Holly sleeping



holly sitting in her bed

Bichon Swimming

Video of a Bichon Frise swimming in a pool from underwater camera. The steps are important to have so she can exit the pool on her own when she gets tired.


Arlette writes:

this is my baby Lola, shes is 2 years old, i have a cat & Lola, and she is amazing i love her so very much



This is a photo of the wee little man I rescued from the animal shelter in Austin, Texas.  How on earth could anyone give up a little sweetie like this?

Manny is about 4 years old and weighs 12 pounds.  The shelter thought he was a Jackie Bichon, but I’m not sure about the Jack Russell part.  He certainly can jump like a Jack Russell!  Does anyone else know what he might be?

manny wants to play

manny the seal pup

Waiting for a Ride

I love your site and felt compelled to send a picture of our little girl.

A friend set her things down and was waiting for a ride from a friend, however it looks like our Bijou (Bee) is the one waiting for a ride!

Her name is Madame Bijou Brigit Frizzette

Thanks for the great picture! Very nice!

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Bichon Marvin

I surfed onto your site and just had to share a picture of my beloved Bichon Marvin. He is two years old and the best dog I have ever had. Marvin has never met a stranger he didn’t like. He is excellent with children and other animals (cats included).

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Bichon Puppy Blanca

Dear bichon friends,
this is my bichon puppy BLANCA. She is with us for 8 months and from day one she became the most precious member of our family!
She is really playful and so social, that she attracts everybody’s attention!
I really enjoyed “meeting” all the other bichons in your website. Keep up the good work!

Great pictures, there is nothing like a bichon puppy!
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